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«SwissTrolley plus» – a battery trolleybus

The «SwissTrolley plus» combines proven overhead line engineering with state-of-the-art battery technology. Drawing on the combined expertise of industry, research and transportation companies, the future of bus drives can be shaped actively while making a major contribution to Switzerland’s energy goals for 2050.

The vehicle is currently under construction at the workshops of Carrosserie Hess in Bellach. From early 2017, it will undergo testing on a number of lines of the Zurich Public Transport network.

What is special about the «SwissTrolley plus»?

The «SwissTrolley plus» is a flagship project supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and aims to build a 100% electromobile vehicle made in Switzerland with sustainable components and controls. Its high-performance traction battery permits operation without a trolley system. Moreover, up to 15 percent of energy can be saved through regenerative braking. As a result, the «SwissTrolley plus» enables more cost-efficient, reliable and flexible operation of trolleybus lines.

The high-performance battery required for this purpose is designed such that, in addition to driving in battery mode, current spikes from the trolley system are flattened. In this way, the Swiss Trolley plus substantially reduces the load on the power grid. Energy savings are also achieved thanks to GPS-based and self-learning energy management.



The «SwissTrolley plus» project was launched by Carrosserie HESS AG in cooperation with Zurich Public Transport (VBZ). For partners ETH Zurich and Bern University of Applied Sciences, the project serves as a research platform for studies in the fields of control and optimisation, as well as battery technology.

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy supports the project within the scope of its funding programmes to promote energy research and flagship projects. The overarching aim is to make the energy future of Switzerland visible and tangible both in professional circles and among the general public.

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